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Paragliding on the Island la Palma

Flying on La Palma is mostly not difficult, but the right interpretation  of the meteorologic situation is. Most of the time we are flying leeside of the big mountains of the island. The weather, especially the winds, might changing rapidly.  If you plan to fly on la Palma without school or Guide, you mave to be sure in the interpretation of the weather situation. In addition, you should not only be an experienced pilo, but also proficient in manouvers as spiral, B-Stall and Big-Ears to decrease altititude. Althought the landing spot in Puerto Naos is good, precise landing skills are welcome.

Depending on the take off, winds might be strong. Backwards starting technique is then supporting you. We highly recommend to listen to the local pilots. Security is our first aim: In any doubt do not take off!

We recommend to unexperienced pilots to visit la Palma together with a paragliding school.

Pilots with some experience (> 100 flights) can book our inexpensive ParaGuide Service. The package which fits the pilots needs in holidays.

It needs experience to discover those developments in the air.

You can download Palmaclub's latest information brochure to print out or store on your tablet.


The Westside is the best-known area for flying, where international competitions are also held.
It is the dryer side and often in lee. The Westside in also known for good flying conditions and thermal developments, often lasting the whole day. The situation in lee requires special attention and meteorological knowledge. NB:
Wind strengths may increase rapidly resulting in dangerous conditions! It’s always a good idea to talk with the local pilots or book the ParaGuide Service.

Dominated by the CTR of La Palma, the eastside is a good alternative with calmer eastern winds, especially in the morning before the sun is heats up. Well-known take-off is at the “Pico de las Nieves”.


Before your fist flight, please sign the guestbook in the office of Palmaclub. You will also get latest information there.

Paragliding in Spain requires a valid pilot licence and insurance; it is obligatory to fly with an approved emergency parachute and wearing a helmet.

Please respect traffic rules during flight and landing! The international rules are also valid here: if you have the cliff on the right, you have right of way.

The special conditions at the landing site in Puerto Naos require a change of the normal approach. The circuit should be flown high, reducing by flying 8s only before turning into the final approach. Consult graph.

Before launching you should check the conditions at the landing site (eg. by walkie-talkie). Pay attention to the appearance of the sea: if the waves are big or you see white crests, do not launch, or land immediately if you are already in the air.

Please take care of the lauch and landing sites. Some take offs are in natural protected areas. Take your rubbish away with you, even cigarette stubs!

Flying from, into and over the “Caldera de Taburiente” is strictly prohibited! In the natural reserve “Cumbre Vieja”, taking off is only allowed at the official launch sites! In order to not put our activities in danger, please respect those rules!

Take Off and Landing in Puerto Naos:
The Take Off in Puerto Naos is maintained by the PALMACLUB paragliding association. This includes the wind socks, rental of the area etc. The club requests a contribution of € 14. -- per pilot and week  or  € 35.-for  12 months. This goes towards maintenance expenses.

Please pay your contribution before first take off! Group leaders are responsible for their group. For inscription and further information step in our office in Puerto Naos, Calle  Juana Tabarez N°3.

Tandem flights and instruction flights (schools) are only allowed with consent of PALMACLUB. Please seek permission before flying!


All emergencies, Police, Guardia Civil: 112

Tandem Flying                       0034 672 284 431
Javier López Redondo      610 695 750
Roger P. Frey 638 809 917

Walkie-Talkie frequencies of Palmaclub: 
PMR Channel 5/15 446.05625 MHz
2m 143.050 MHz

Live Windinformation:
www.wunderground.com <http://www.wunderground.com>
Station P
uerto Naos: ISPANIEN2, Tacande IKANARIS5

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