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Qualified tandem pilots as well as instructors working for our paragliding school Palmacub* have been offering this paragliding service for tourists for many years on La Palma.

People of all ages can enjoy this experience; you only need to be in normal health. Bring stout closed shoes - hiking boots are best - and a warm jacket.
You may drop by the office of Palmaclub for more information and booking, situated in Puerto Naos at the "Panaderia Alemana" north of the landing spot.

Information and booking:

+34 672 284 431 or e-mail to


*) Palmaclub Aventura, the only Paragliding School on la Palma, is a recognized and approved Paragliding School by the Spanish and several international paragliding associations as the Swiss SHV.

We offer two different Flights:

1. Campanarios (Panoramic Flight)

We take the 4-wheel-drive cars approximately 30 minutes up into the mountains. There is a 10 minute hike of additional 50 m altitude to reach the launch site. The Campanarios launch is situated at 940 m AMSL, above the village of Jedey in a pine forest beside the volcano Tajuya. The flight is over the Jedey volcano and lava rivers down to Puerto Naos.

Price: € 150.--

2. Cliff (Sneak Preview Flight)

We drive approximately 10 minutes up to the cliff. The private take off of Palmaclub is at appx. 240 m AMSL We fly along the cliff and over the banana plantations down to  Puerto Naos. Air time is from 5 to 15 minutes.

Price € 100.--

Additional Information:

- 1.5 hours rotation time.
- Good boots.
- Long trousers.
- Windbreaker.
The Team of Palmaclub Aventura:
Thursday, January 26, 2017

Paragliding Instructor FECDA, Tandem Pilot, FAI-Competition Judge.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tandem Pilot, Acrobatics Pilot, Test Pilot.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Paragliding Instructor SHV, DHV, ÖAeC, Tandem Pilot, Textbook Author.

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